Al Hernandez Executive Editor TVT Publishing
Al Hernandez

Executive EDITOR

Al Hernandez is the executive editor of The Vine Times, Wine Country Kitchen, Cask Magazine and  oversees all aspects of the editorial content. Before becoming executive editor in April 2019, Mr. Hernandez served as managing editor since 2004. In that role, he led The Vine Times’s push to become a digital-first magazine operation, transform the magazine culture to be more diverse and inclusive, and encourage new forms of storytelling.

Contributing to three New York Times and Amazon Best Selling books, Mr. Hernandez has a long track record of producing and helping organizations create their most educational and authentic work in print and digital formats.

He joined The Vine Times in 1998, prior to joining The Vine Times, Al Hernandez served as a consumer and technology reporter in New York, a reviews editor in San Francisco, and a foreign journalist in Spain and Argentina. Mr. Hernandez has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Fox News, CBS Mornings, Food Network, Fine Living, and various local morning shows.

Al Hernandez Executive Editor TVT Publishing